Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sitting outside while I soak up the heat and surf the net...

Wait, what?

My sister and her brood are out of town, on vacation and for whatever reason, decided to schedule their floor redo for this week.  So I've been house sitting since Monday, only sleeping in my own bed and driving here to let the guys in and check up on them from time to time while I hang out on the bed in the master suite, watching tv and surfing the web. 

So today is the last day of construction, they're finishing up the powder room and then will be sanding and staining and hopfully putting the first seal coat on.  I decided to sit outside instead of inside, even though it's hot and I have my laptop.  I know the air quality is only going to get worse in there once they start sanding.  As it is, when the guy does a batch cut job of the hardwood planks, I can smell and almost taste it when standing at the top of the stairs.  So I figured I'd save myself al the trouble of that today and stay outside.  It's not so bad now since the temps are relativly low still but it's supposed to hit 94 degrees today, I'm not looking forward to that.  If it does get bad I'll just go hang out in the laundry room with my laptop.  Although that will still be in the house where they are working.  *sigh*  I guess I just need to sufer today if it means not breathing in anymore sawdust.

At least I have a quickly warming can of pop and Queen to keep me company.  :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011