Sunday, December 8, 2013

Christmas Decorations are either done or in the works..

I have't fully decided yet if I'm actually finished decorating the house or not.  I got a late start to decorating this year because I was wiped out the day after Thanksgiving and, well, I needed a new tree and I was waiting to see if I had won a tree in a contest I entered.  I didn't win and so I ran out and picked up a new pre-lit tree on Wednesday.  I found a nice one at Walmart for $98, full price.  It's a bit smaller than my old tree but it has lights on it, which is important.  That means 3 hours of not stringing lights on the tree.  So since I got such a late start and since I have a lot of baking to do, I rushed through decorating Thursday and Friday afternoon.

I do want to decorate the railing since I'm having friends over on the 28th for a cookie exchange.  But I don't know how much energy I'll actually have for it.  The plus side to being so busy this year, is that I'm not doing lights for Christmas eve services since they fall the weekend my regular team is up, and there will be 2 days of services and there will be 6 services, between the two days, I think. Plus I'm baking cookies for church and the day they're due,there's a singles Christmas party that I'm thinking of going to.  Like, unless I forget or am too tired, I'm going to.

With that said, some pictures of the tree....

My mom's snowman family, all set to greet visitors when they enter the house.

My new wreath, I had been wanting to make a new one for awhile now but didn't know what I wanted to do.  I'll take better pictures one day when it's light out, and I don't use the flash.  I don't like the way the flash washes it out. 

My pretty vintage angel that had been tucked away in a shoe box for years, waiting for new lights.