Thursday, August 4, 2011

What Were They Thinking?

I love Kraft Foods Food and Family magazine, I miss getting it in the mail.  You see I was one of those thousands of people that had a free subscription to it but didn't have the money to keep it when they switched to paid memeberships a few years later.  It was the same thing with my sister, but she buys the magazines off the rack usually the holiday issues.  Which brings me to my post.  I was over at her house last week to pick up the purse she bought for me from the Smokies and hung out for a couple hours just chatting.  She was still trying to reclaim her house from the floor reno that went on while she was out of town.  My mom and I had cleaned her countertop and cabinets a bit the day before they came back but we were going to my brother's block party so we couldn't do much.  Plus despite my offer to clean after the floors were redone, my sister turned me down, saying she'd take care of it when they got back. 

So while I was there and we were chatting, I helped her move her dinning room table back and forth while she vacuumed and put it back in place.  Then she pulled out her cookbooks and magazines and went through the magazines, purging them.  She gave me all of those particular magazines, which were mostly Paula Deen magazines, one Taste of Home and the one Food and Family magazine (holiday '09).  While flipping through the Food and Family magazine just now I noticed a recipe Catalina Cranberry Chicken.

Now I'll admit, I don't eat chicken, nor have I ever had Catalina dressing, but I do know what onion soup mix and cranberry sauce taste like.  Which is why when I saw this recipe I couldn't help but wonder if this would taste good.  I mean it seems lke it's about six flavor profiles too many going on here.  How can something like that taste good?  Maybe one day I'll make this for someone and taste the sauce before I put it on the chicken.  Still I can't get past the thought of cranberry sauce mixed with onion soup mix.  Just doesn't sound appealing to me.  


MYSAVIOR said...

It must have tasted good to someone to get in the magazine! :o)


Becky K. said...

Now that makes me curious. Perhaps we'll give it a

Angels and Everlastings said...

Does sound strange -- great recipe for someone that wants something different. My family isn't into anything out of the ordinary. Maybe if I'm mad at them I could make this.

krafterskorner said...

I don't think I would like onions mixed with fruit either.

amystreasures said...

I like the way you think angels. LOL

Sue did you notice all the reviews? It got good reviews which I found interesting. That's what has me wondering just how this tastes. Still seems like 6 too many flavor profiles going on to be good.