Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Great Household Cleaning Tip

A few weeks ago I bought a dry erase board for the open house my friend and I had.  It's a great size and price and was perfect for what I used it for that day!  (as you can see in the picture)

Well as much as I erased the writing I noticed it didn't come off fully, there was still a slight ghost image left that you could see from an angle.  The first thing I thought when I noticed this was that I don't remember that happening with older dry erase boards.  I could simply be remembering wrong (which is very possible since we had chalk boards when I was in school through college #2 at least!).  So anyway, I just sat down with my lotto tickets and write the numbers up on the board to check (only got 1! number *sigh*) but I noticed that either I didn't press hard enough while erasing or something because there was a light black smear left on the board.  Well that reminded me that I wanted to look online for homemade cleaning solutions, figuring there had to be something out there to save me some money.  So a quick google came up with results, the first of which was an ehow write up.  There were a few ideas, two of which were a water/vinegar solution (which I don't have a spray bottle handy to make) and the other was hand sanitizer (both using a soft cloth). 

I tried the latter and it worked like a charm!  BUUUUUT I only have sanitizer with moisturizer at home so that left a film on the board.  No big deal, I simply grabbed another soft cloth (both of which were clean socks with holes in them that I had tossed in my bedroom's garbage can, but am going to keep to use for this) and dampened it then gave it a rub down.  That took care of it perfectly, I even tested it out with a marker and it was fine!  Since I'm using this for pictionary at a NYE party Saturday night, I gave that a sanitizer cleaning too to make sure it's all nice and clean before hand.

So there you go, a cheap and easy home remedy to cleaning dry erase boards. 


krafterskorner said...

Interesting! I use a small one when I am tutoring and noticed that it didn't all wipe off!

amystreasures said...

Well now you know how to clean it with things you have around the house. :D

Donna (Twinmountainpottery) said...

great idea! I use a board to keep a feeding list, etc for barnyard. ?i'll give this a try. I bet it will work on the wipe clean alphabet books I am working with Alex on.

Faith Caroline said...

Great idea!
In college I sprayed mine with windex, but I'm not a fan of the liquid running down the board before I can wipe it, so hand sanitizer would be even better!