Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fun Popcorn

I know it's been ages since I updated, and probably will take me as long before I do it again.  shush!  ;-P

Anyway, a couple weeks ago my friends went out of town and asked me to watch their place, bring the mail in, etc.  I said yes (as always) and took care of things while they were gone.  Well they always give me something as a thank you for being such a good friend and watching their house.  This time it was popcorn on the cob, odd but cool.  It was so funny when they gave it to me too, because I went over there last Wednesday to have him look at my laptop, I couldn't get the top cover off to look inside to fix my monitor, so I asked if he'd take a look at it.  So while we were all sitting behind the table on their deck, she excitedly had me open my gift.  I knew there was a reason she was so eager to have me open it, so I went into the house and brought it out. 

It was a vacuum packed popcorn on the cob.  When she was telling me how cool it was and thought I'd like it, I said "Let me guess, you got one too".  She laughed and said yes.  Now I knew why she was so eager for me to make it first, she wanted me to be the guinea pig.  lol   Well I went home with a CRT and my laptop, after a couple hours, along with the popcorn on a cob, and showed it to my mom.  Of course miss addicted to popcorn wanted me to make it that night.  So I did.  I did it according to directions, but since we're still getting used to the new microwave, I made the mistake of taking it out at 2 minutes, which caused half of them to burn.  :(  Oh well, what didn't burn was still good.  I would definitely get that for a friend as a fun little gift. 

A few pictures, sorry about the quality, I couldn't find my digital camera so I had to use my cell phone.


This bag came with the cob, I thought it was just instructions, until I opened it up.

Toss cob in bag

cob and all.  I know, mostly burnt but still a fun thing to do.  If I ever do this again, I might not use a bag, but instead a bowl, so I can watch them pop.  :) 


KarenW said...

How fun! When I was 10 we lived on my grandparents' farm. My grandfather grew popcorn and we used to spend a bunch of time taking all the kernels off by hand! Fun memories. That was all before the invention of the microwave.....

MYSAVIOR said...

I have never seen that before - I bet Noah would get a big kick out of that. We are a popcorn eating family and try it all.


ZudaGay said...

How fun! I would enjoy trying that too. We LOVE popcorn!!

SHEILA said...

what a fun gift!

amystreasures said...

My friends picked this up in MO but you can order online. Well, at least from amazon.