Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Classic Admin Quotes

With the changes to the forums I thought I'd dig out this file and post the quotes for posterity.  A few weeks ago I ran across an old thread that someone started (sorry, can't remember who) of quotes that admin said when closing threads. 


*way off-topic, and kinda flame bait-ey
* This thread is turning into Samuel Beckett prose
* Move along, folks. Nothing more to see here.
* Please play nice. If you are having a hard time being nice, please think twice.
* Yay for Admin bashing
* Those are some... interesting... insults.
* Don't call out other users in the public forums -- aside from being against the rules, it also promotes the gum disease know as GINGIVITIS
* This thread got hijacked like crazy by BANDITS. THREAD BANDITS.
* Evil is bad!
* No. Bad.
* Flamebait is bad
* flamebait response is bad too i guess
* Stop -- wait -- and relax...
* I dunno where this came from, but I know it ain't productive or positive. ;P
* I don't even pretend to understand, but I'm pretty sure it's not kosher.
* increasing etsy's capacity for love
* Smokey the Bear says: Only YOU can prevent forum fires.
* from the delightfully abysmal 'Batman and Robin'
* Don't worry, Haim’s working on it
* Please use fewer drugs when posting on the forums.
* Don't hate, collaborate
* Instigation isn't cool.. what would the Care Bears do?
*You guys are copying the person that started the first argument -- expect a call from their patent lawyer.
* It ain't the end of the world...
* Chill out folks, we handle 'em when we see 'em.
* I'm trying to eat a sandwich!
* Use your inside voices
* Not even Superman can impress and satisfy everybody -- just ask Frank Miller.
* quickly developing into a flamewar
* Take it easy, everyone. We all have different ideas of what is appropriate and what is not
* Skinny fat or in-between, fighting is not becoming
* Holy smokes, we might be violating all three of the forums guidelines here!
* It's okay to ask questions, but let's ask them nicer
* In the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the delightfully abysmal 'Batman and Robin', "Chill out."
* Weird, I always though "SS" stood for "Surround Sound"...
* Love and Peace!
* Too much mud-slinging today, folks -- it's too hot to get all worked up
* If something you read upsets you, feel free to stop reading it.
* Designer bickering
* From now on just send hate mail to support@etsy.
* Be nice -- it's Father's Day!
* No more nastiness toward one another, please...
* What did I say about drugs before?
* stop the violence
* Uhhh... I don't even know what to say for this one.
* Please stop this.
* Confucius say, "Let locked threads die."
* Be nice.
* This isn't really a thread *per se* -- let's try to keep things on topic
* Veering off-topic like a skiier on an icy pond
* Constructive criticism is welcome, but bickering ain't.
* Fighting makes us cry.
* In the words of Johnny Storm, "Flame off!"
* Spring cleaning
* play nice, kids
* That's not a bug...
* Let's keep our threads a little less racist
* Peace out!
* It's time for everyone's tea and coffee break!
* Die spam, die!
* Instigation is not a virtue.
* Fighting is no fun.
* We are impervious to eyelash batting.
"A'ight now


-Malcolm solves his problems with a chainsaw
-and he never has the same problems twice!
*On behalf of the race of nerds and the country of Etsyania, I delare war on this flamewar.


Wooo we won!"


Honkus Grogana said...

Ha! Those are great! I moderate on a pet forum. It seems I need to get much more creative when typing in the "reason" box!

MYSAVIOR said...

Sounds just like stuff admin would say except I do like this one.

If something you read upsets you, feel free to stop reading it.

amystreasures said...

My personal favorites are

Please use fewer drugs when posting on the forums.


What did I say about drugs before?