Tuesday, January 11, 2011


In an effort to have a better handle on my Christmas decorations this year I decided to do something a bit different. Rather than just roll up my Christmas lights on an empty paper towel roll and call it a day, I decided to write the date on the roll so that I knew what year I bought those lights.

The reason being is because I've had lights for years but I couldn't remember what year I purchased them. It's frustrating because they all needed to be replaced since only about 2 strands worked. So I bought 6 100 count strands of lights and my tree was nice and evenly lit. Of course all those new lights will be obsolete when I finally buy a prelit tree, but who knows when that will happen.

Then again I can just shift the purspose of those lights to other areas of the house once I have the new tree. But I have plenty of time before that. In addition to buying new lights for the tree, while packing everthing up I found I had to buy a new strand of twinkling lights because one of the two strands we have, only has half working lights. One half of the strand is burnt out completely. Which explained a few things like why I'd see a random light or two flashing towards the bottom of the tree. I use twinkling lights in the center of the tree and the stationary lights go on the outer branches. So instead of just buying one box, I bought two since they had a few and were 50% off.

Now that everything is fully boxed, it's all back in the storage room and looking close to what it did when I first rearranged that entire room and reorganized everything.


MYSAVIOR said...

I have been trying to organize my bedroom and my collections, yarn, fabric, paper, scrapbooking stuff- a very daunting task!!


myeuropeantouch said...

Oh yeahhh...so far so good with my garage, wait til I start grouting and mosaic again...(smile)
Lovely blog, Amy

amystreasures said...

Thanks guys. The pictures of the basement were actually from 2009 when I did the massive reorganization of the storage room. That's just the Christmas decorations area, there's more but I'll spare you those.