Wednesday, February 2, 2011

blizzard of 2011

I have no idea how much snow we have exactly, looking out the windows it looks like it's about 2 feet.  I'd love to go outside and run aroundi n al that wonderful powder!  Say what you will, but I love snow!  Seriously, I lovei t!  If we had a better snowblower I'd be outside clearing our driveway right now.  But my sister said she was going to send someone over to clear it.  Someone with a monster snowblower.  So we'll see if they ever show.  I can see a couple folks down the street both clearing with a snowblower and a shovel.  We've had four major blizzards in Chicago (at least for the purposes of this post), the first was in 1967, then in in 1979, 1999 and now in 2011.  I missed the one in ;67 by five years but I remember the one in '79 and of course, '99.

Today is nice and sunny, so much so that I'm seriously thinking of retaking the pictures I took yesterday.  Not sure though because I plan on locking myself in the basement and making more things as I drool over the Lois and Clark DVDs that I picked up from the library Monday (Dean Cain has only gotten better looking with age!) and maybe even bake. 

With that said, here are some images of the blizzard of 2011....

View from my desk, in my bedroom

Front of house, the driveway looks like that too

Front of house,

Back of house, view of park that our house backs up to

Another one of the backyard

Front porch/steps

Back of house, neighbors

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MYSAVIOR said...

There is something purifying about fresh fallen snow!

Lovely photos! Have fun!