Monday, February 21, 2011

I think I've been watching too much A-Team...

Friday afternoon I was prepping for something I was going to bake later that night, Chocolate Filled Filo Triangles.  The recipe is from the Classic Stars Desserts book that I picked up some time last year from Borders.  This is my third recipe from the book and I was hopeful that it would be as good as the French Silk (pictured on the cover) and lemon squares that I made last year for my brother's block party.  The downside to the recipe is that it only makes eight servings (or four like I did because I forgot one crucial part of the recipe), so I just planned on doubling it and bought enough ingredients to make three batches but wasn't sure I was going to make the third as I was shopping.

Getting back to Friday afternoon, while prepping for the recipe, I had to measure out 1/2 ounces of bitter sweet chocolate and decided to go with the three batches.  But I didn't have nearly enough prep bowls to keep all the chocolate separate so I looked around, trying to rack my brain for ideas.  My initial thought was egg carton, but as I fond out, we didn't have a near empty egg carton like I thought.  So then I thought ice cube trays, but I couldn't find the extra ones so I was back to square one.  I looked around the house wondering what in the world I could use to keep all the measured chocolate separated and ready to go for that night.  Spotting my glass 8x8 pan in the dinning room I thought that would work, if I lined it with aluminum foil and used foil to section it off.  But then I remembered that some of the chocolate was cut down into little pieces and shavings so that wouldn't work.  It would be near impossible to try to get the chocolate out of that later. 

Then it hit me, cut pieces of aluminum foil into squares and shape them into cups.

So I grabbed the aluminum foil out of the pantry and cut strips about four to five inches wide, then folded them over to crease and cut (by hand) in half.  Once I had that done, I took the first square of aluminum foil and placed it in the palm of my hand, forming it into a cup.  I put the chocolate in that and set it on a cookie sheet.  After the initial one I used the small prep bowl to form the aluminum foil bowls and filled them with the chocolate pieces already cut.  And went on to finish cutting all the chocolate into 1/2 ounce pieces. 

Worked great!  I just set it aside until later that night when I made the triangles and tossed them when I finished. 


Tricia said...

Very innovative Amy...I don't think even the A-team would have helped me with that one. McGyver, maybe...hehehe. So how did they turn out? Be Blessed!

amystreasures said...

I don't know, the A-team was good about making things out of random things lying around.

they were a huge hit, even if I did screw them up slightly. I'm so making them again

Dressedtothe9s said...

Brilliant and funny...!!!

MYSAVIOR said...

Sounds more like McGyver to me! LOL